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Payment solutions for our African client
HTML 5 based mobile apps
HTML 5 Mobile apps for IOS and Android
Budget planning for our Australian client
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Monsor provides solutions through software delivery. We work for the WEB, for the MOBILE, for enabling LEGACY to new world and on revolutionary new products.


Responsive Web Apps or Mobile Apps

One of the thing which was always been debated at our drawing board when we design new Apps for our client, do we really need mobile apps ? In...

Featured Project –

CGBA – Custom Golf bag is Australia's biggest company to manufacture golf bags based on the Customer's specification, in partnership with Monsor...

How fast is fast – The 3 important limits.

Irrespective of the use of the technology, one thing has always bothered us, when should the execution be return to the user. As an architect I...

Sencha Touch 2 Native Packaging

Using sencha touch 2 you can create web applications that look like native. Native packaging lets you export web app as .app for iOS or apk for...

Creating and running Sencha Touch 2 application in Eclipse.

In the following post I will show you how to create and test your Sencha Touch 2 apps (I will call as ST2) using eclipse famework. Tools used in...

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